The main material of fumigated sheet or PVC is a substance called polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the most valuable and widely used petrochemical products.

The base material of PVC sheet is plastic, which is combined with other necessary materials during, and finally the sheet we use is produced.

The base material of the product is plastic. An important issue with these materials is the chemical reactions they undergo due to the environmental factors.

In fumigated sheets, a state usually occurs called warping or creep. The reasons for such a condition are as follows:

Ambient Temperature: If the ambient temperature is high, it affects the shape of the sheet.

The Weight Imposed on the Sheet: Depending on the weight of the sheet itself, the weight of the objects placed on it should be controlled.

The Sheet Diameter: For instance, if we want to compare and contrast two sheets with 8 and 16-mm thicknesses, the thinner sheet is more likely to warp earlier.

The above information was mentioned only to inform you about the maintenance procedures of this product.

During the production or construction of the structure, all the necessary points are taken into consideration for better maintenance and longer life of the products.

This sheet, which is less described than MDF or chipboard, has many uses, including:

Sink Cabinets

Swimming Pool Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Sink Cabinets

And also in the automotive manufacturing industry, etc.

This useful and widely-used product has such a reasonable price and formable structure that it can be used for several different purposes, only a few applications of which are mentioned in this article.

Now let us get to the dimensions of the fumigated sheets:

The most common and popular size is 122 x 244.

Regarding the thickness of the sheets, it should be noted that there is more variety. From 3 mm to 25 mm.

In addition, it is worth noting that the sheets with 8 and 16 mm thicknesses are the most popular, and each of them has its exclusive application.


One of the salient features of PVC sheets is that they are waterproof, so they are mostly used where there is water and moisture.

Just imagine that instead of the staggering cost of building a waterproof cabinet, you can simply perform the same project with PVC at a much lower price.  

PVC is antibacterial and this is very important for maintaining human health, because we are constantly exposed to this structure made of fumigated sheets. Moreover, PVC weighs less than MDF. This makes it easy to move and shape.

Did you know that fumigated sheet can be coated and painted?

You do not have to work only with the white color of the product, wherever you need a painted or coated sheet, just order it.

In addition to supplying this product inside the country, Saco Wood Company also exports this product to other countries.

Different quality grades are provided to the customers, but usually the first grade sheets are selected for exports.