Wood constitute a major part of the MDF structure. After collecting the tree trunks, they are transferred to the factory, and after importing the tree trunks to the factory….


Chipboard is made of wooden chips with resin and various types of adhesives. The density of this product is low. Chipboard is a lightweight sheet that is…

PVC sheet

The main material of fumigated sheet or PVC is a substance called polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the most valuable and widely used petrochemical products

About us

About Saco Co.

iransaco is a company that encompasses a group of experienced employees. During all these years, many people have been gaining experience in the area of wooden products and presenting them to the customers.

It can be said by confident that they have beautifully identified the majority of the customers’ needs during this period and they are well aware of the needs.

Another advantage of Saco Wood Company is the empathy and synergy that exist among the company’s employees.

The managers and the sales team of the company have been selected with complete precision. In case of insufficient information, the personnel are instructed the necessary training.

iransaco has made it possible for the customers to make their orders with a single call and receive their goods as soon as possible after completing the necessary steps. The main focus of the team is on bulk sales, which means that all the products are usually sold in pallets and by trailers.

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Reasons for our choice

  • quality guarantee
  • Quick Response
  • Timely Delivery of the Cargo
  • Post-Delivery Tracking
  • Remote Sales

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