Chipboard is made of wooden chips with resin and various types of adhesives.

The density of this product is low. Chipboard is a lightweight sheet that is easily formed.

Of course, the density of the product can be categorized, you can choose the required density according to the application you expect from the sheet.

Chipboard production marked a modern revolution in the furniture industry. For example, you cannot use natural wood for the body of the bed, the appearance of which is not visible when used.

The resistance of chipboard is such that it can be used in making all kinds of TV tables, sofas, book shelves, etc.

As the production process progresses, the appearance of this sheet has become more beautiful and can be used to make the home furniture whose appearance are usually within the eyesight.

Due to its density, chipboard is used in various construction and interior decoration projects.

Let us talk about the benefits of this popular product:

Price: In terms of price, chipboard is even cheaper than natural wood and even MDF.

Chipboard is nature-friendly because it is 70% recyclable.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of this product, you can coat it. This will both increase its resistance and help make it more beautiful!

Despite its misleading appearance, chipboard is a strong wooden product. The point is that the production of this sheet increases as the customer demand moves higher, and since the quality of this product is increasing day in and day out, the market for chipboard products is so hot.

Until now, we tried to give you a general definition of chipboard.

Saco Wood Trading Company considers chipboard exports as one of the strong points of its business. Since chipboard is more environmentally friendly, it has many fans in the foreign countries.

The dimensions of export chipboard sheets are very diverse, such as 122 × 260, 183 × 366, 183 × 275 and …

Some dimensions are not normally produced in the factories of the country and they must be produced at the customers’ order. Any company may not accept such special orders, but Saco Wood Group tries its best to seek the customers’ satisfaction and of course the company insists on positively influencing the country’s economy by importing foreign currency.

14, 16 and 18 mm thicknesses are the most popular sizes of chipboard.

Due to the reasonable price of this product, it is quite suitable for the serial projects.

Density of the chipboards affect the two important factors of price and quality. In fact, density is the compaction rate of the wooden chips used inside the sheets.

When the density is high, the strength and weight of the sheet increase accordingly. Such high-density chipboard sheets are used for the structures that need much more resistance.

It should be noted that the chipboard that the company normally considers for export is of super quality, unless the customers place other orders.

This sheet is offered with the best conditions and prices in Saco Wood trading Company. For any guidance, you can contact the collection’s experienced sales experts.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the company’s experienced sales experts.